Yuji Stress - Management Program (Y.S.P)

Yuji Meditation Benefits Your Organisation!

Adopt Yuji Meditation In Your Esteemed Organisation And Revamp Your Employee Performance.

  • Helps The Employees Releive Negative Stress
  • Building A Productive Work Atmosphere
  • Enhances Happiness Quotient Of Employees
  • Leveraging On Positive Stress
Delving deeper into the mechanism of stress and understanding it is the only way out. First and foremost, stress is the body’s reaction to any change with physical, mental and emotional response. There are two types of stress:
  • Distress (Negative stress)
  • Eustress (Positive or healthy stress)
Negative Stress (Distress): Distress is an internal disharmony caused due to numerous reasons. It has a considerable impact on reducing the quality of one’s life. The conditions ranging from common cold to cancer, all are results of this negative stress that one undergoes in one’s life.


Positive Stress (Eustress): Eustress is a state of physical and mental well-being in which the mind and the body work together in achieving their full potential. Healthy stress is associated with clear thinking, high physical performance, creativity and productivity.

Prevention is better than cure!

Al though there are numerous techniques and practices for curing back and neck pain, it is always better if one could nip it in the bud. Awareness of the correct postures while standing, sitting and lying down is the key to prevent back or neck pain. Besides maintaining a balanced diet, regular practice of yoga asana, micro exercises, deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation also help in preventing back pain and neck pain. With regular practice of Yoga, you will certainly be able to strengthen the body muscles and learn to manage stress effectively.