I have been a pupil of Vedic Yoga Centre for over 6 years. I started coming to the institute as a way to find solace from acute vertigo that was being exasperated by medication which made me drowsy and helpless. Dr. Vincent started me with relaxation techniques and through meticulous dedicated practice I graduated to the higher levels. The individual attention and focus on each participants needs, helps them to address existing ailments and overcome them. The regime involved breathing, asanas, chanting and meditation. The instructors were all well qualified, professional and knowledgeable to tackle each individual’s personal requirements. An hour of the class leaves me a more relaxed & re-balanced version of myself and I look forward to it every day. I was able to understand my body more and find the strength to mentally overcome the stresses that caused vertigo. It also helped me to handle the pressure of running a company. Over the years I became a dedicated pupil and it was through Dr. Vincent’s guidance and encouragement to learn Yoga in depth that I enrolled at the ‘S Vyasa University of Yoga’, for an intense ‘Yoga Instructors Course’. This helped add dimension to my yoga practice by understanding the practical and technical benefits of yoga in my day to day life. I have no doubt that anyone attending ‘Vedic Yoga Center’ under the leadership of Dr Vincent & his able instructors will be able to find a lasting relief from their ailments and see life in a new perspective. Wishing “Vedic Yoga Centre” all the best and am sure you will continue to give the best for a better life with – YOGA.

Ajit KumarGeneral Manager, Woodstock trading LLC, Dubai U.A.E.

I would recommend the Vedic Yoga program to anyone looking to implement a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. Under the guidance of Dr. Vincent –with yoga and a well-balanced fruit and vegetable diet, I was able to reduce 12 kilos in a period of 3 months. Apart from the healthy weight loss, I felt more energetic than ever before. The program really encourages you to make yoga a part of your life.

Dr. Sreekumari AjithGroup Manager, Health and Food Safety Systems, Habtoor Hospitality, Dubai

I have been practicing yoga under the guidance of Dr. Vincent and Yogini Rekha Agarwal throughout my pregnancy. The asanas and breathing exercises proved to be very beneficial to me. My mind and body was at peace and helped me with most of my pregnancy symptoms. Thanks to them, I had a normal delivery and my recovery postpartum has been going well. I cannot wait to start my post-natal journey with them. I cannot recommend them enough!

Nishali Shaikh OrugantiMarketing and Business Development Manager (International Law Firm)

Vedic Yoga Centre is a great place to learn yoga and make yoga a part of life. I have been a student of yoga at Vedic Yoga from 2014 on. That was the first yoga experience for me. It has been exhilarating 7 years, where I started by learning basics of yoga and then step by step to advanced poses, relaxation and meditation techniques, with course content and syllabus developed by Dr. Vincent Earth. Teachers at the centre give one to one attention to all the students, provide deep insights into correct techniques and make students like us excel. I am also greatly indebted to Dr. Nidhin Das for providing me advanced yoga and naturopathy techniques to lose weight. With his continuous advice and techniques, I have reduced 12 Kgs and feel wonderful from within.

Jyoti Sooraj

I have wonderful experience of yoga with Vedic Yoga team. After regular practice I realized that yoga is not only a physical practice and poses but also breathing techniques and meditation.it is a connection of mind and soul.it aims balanced and harmonious co-existence of man and nature. I am feeling very glad to thank my yoga trainers who are amazing, loving, kind and joyful teachers like Sinoy Thomas and Dr. Vincent. I am grateful beyond the words for express.

Dr. Jayakumar B KananConsultant Gastroenterologist, Aster Dubai

Devanshee Solanki is an exceptional yoga teacher. I was never into yoga, but the way she teaches and take care towards her mentee during classes drawn me to on another levels. I appreciate her attention towards me in every pose benefited me in my health a lot. Now I feel under her guidance i can attempt any pose. She also always consistence and very enthusiastic person. I’ll highly recommend Devanshee as a perfect personal yoga instructor.

Vibhanshu TripathyIntelli Express Cargo, Dubai, Working Partner