Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

“Stress- free and spiritual parenting”.

Prenatal Yoga helps you maintain your emotional balance and helps you in alleviating the stress from conception to giving birth. Staying active during pregnancy and maintaining a good emotion balance are important for preparing for labor and ensuring your baby’s health. The postures and poses in Yoga have remarkable power to relax your mind and strengthen your body during pregnancy. It helps you to equip your body, mind and soul to embrace the birth of your dear one.

Yoga is the perfect way to scale up your health and flexibility during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy. Just imagine, regarding the movements of the vast ocean as you sit relaxed in a serene garden by its side. Is it not a wonderful way to bring emotional balance and reduce stress during hectic times of pregnancy? Yoga is also such a beautiful way by which you can maintain emotional balance.

Sequences in prenatal yoga are safe and simple, and are intended to tone and strengthen the body muscles during different phases of pregnancy. It will also foster a luminous space for your baby to thrive. On the other hand, postnatal yoga is designed to recompose your body, restore the energy and to help you connect with your inner self.

Vedic Yoga enables you to embrace the concept of spiritual parenting by which you can connect with your child spiritually while helping them grow.

Join us and relish each moment of your journey to motherhood!