Prenatal Teacher Training Course

Prenatal Teacher Training course caters specifically to yoga instructors, doctors, gynecologists, obstetricians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and trainers. While prenatal yoga training is prevalent, there’s often a gap in the comprehensive knowledge of yoga before, during, and after childbirth among health professionals. This oversight extends to yoga teachers lacking familiarity with pregnancy physiology and medical aspects, contributing to hesitancy in recommending or teaching prenatal yoga. This course aims to bridge these gaps, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of effective and safe guidance during the unique phases of pregnancy

In prenatal and postpartum yoga, it’s crucial to focus on gentle and supportive practices. For pregnancy, emphasize poses that enhance flexibility, promote relaxation, and relieve discomfort. Incorporate deep breathing exercises (pranayama’s) to help manage stress and connect with the breath.

Address the importance of Yoga practice to pelvic health during and after pregnancy. Encourage modified asanas to accommodate the changing body. Foster a sense of mindfulness to enhance the mind-body connection.

Training Syllabus

  • Planning Of Pregnancy
    • Pre-conception Planning    
      • Understanding Women & Women’s Physiology
      • Physical
      • Mental
      • Social
      • Spiritual
  • First Trimester
    • Physiological Changes
    • Psychological Change
    • Applications Of Yoga
  • Second Trimester
    • Foetel Development
    • Physiological Changes
    • Application of Yoga
  • Third Trimester
    • Yoga Practice
    • Connection between mother & child
    • Complication during pregnancy and Yogic management
I.A.Y.T (Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy) for Pregnancy
  • Annamaya Kosh Level : Diet & Nutrition, Micro Exercise, Yogasana
  • Pranamaya Kosha Level : Breathing Technic And Pranayama
  • Manomaya Kosha Level : Music & Its Effect On The Womb, Meditation
  • Vijnanamaya Kosha Level : Communication Between Mother & Child
  • Anandamaya Kosha Level : Stress Free Delivery


Dr. Vincent Earth Kottayil

Ph.d., (Yoga)
25+years’ Experience In Yoga Teaching

Dr. Soorya Narayanan

B.N.Y.S., M.Sc. (Yoga)
Medical Yoga Expert

Dr. Neethu Manikandan