Yuji Meditation

Discover the power of Yuji Meditation
Defining meditation or describing its paradigms is not only an arduous task but also an impossible one; it would not help us much. Nevertheless, it would be more pragmatic, rather a worthy question if we ask about how to create a meditative experience. So, in Yuji Meditation, we are focused only on methods and practices that could bestow us transcendental experiences beyond our normal extent of happiness. Let me bring further clarity to this concept. Happiness or sense of happiness is an elementary aspect of meditation. However, the only difference is that happiness is often a result of the situations of life for most of us. When reality meets our expectations and plans, we are happy, if not, we are unhappy. This is how life has been for most of us.
Children are buoyant by nature; they frolic like butterflies and connect with people and things around them easily; they have mastered the art of being blissful. On the other hand, adults find happiness only when they achieve something in life or when they are admired or appreciated. This indicates that happiness in adults is conditional.

The real question is if one could invariably remain in the state of happiness irrespective of the troughs and peaks of life. The answer to this question comes from the Vedic age where there lived great yogis who mastered the technique of blissful meditation. The Vedic sages successfully explored the various aspects of happiness and developed a profound practice called “Meditation” by which one can constantly be in happiness regardless of any external variables. This is called the “State of bliss”.
Yuji Meditation is a method of traditional meditation, rather a set of scrupulous yogic practices for attaining a blissful meditative experience. The foundation of Yuji Meditation is set upon the powerful and effective meditation techniques that the ancient sages and seers have bequeathed to us. Having said that, these practices that were passed down to us, although powerful, should definitely evolve over time so as to match our lifestyle and habits that have changed. In other words, even though the fundamental ideas, approach, and perception of meditation are the same, its combinations and components are different. Yuji meditation is for the modern man and its combinations and components are meticulously designed so as to make it easy for the modern man to adopt and practice.

Yuji meditation is the key to success. By the right channelization of your life energy, you can become a successful person!

Yuji Meditation: From concentration to super-concentration

How to focus, hone your skills and enhance your performance at any given task?


Are you one among those who resent being unable to overcome hurdles that slow down success in life? Well, the first and foremost step in overcoming hurdles to success is to unravel the elementary questions as to why you aren’t getting where you want to be.


Here is a list of questions that will help you find your focus area.
  1. Do you find it difficult to self-control?
  2. Do you want to balance energy and emotion?
  3. Do you want to overcome fear and anxiety?
  4. Do you want to improve your imagination and visualization skills?
  5. Do You want to improve your memory power?
  6. Do you want to improve your decision-making skills?
  7. Do you want to sleep when do you want?
  8. Do you want to be a successful student worker or entrepreneur?
  9. Do you want to fulfil your dreams?

Transform with Yuji Meditation.

Doesn’t it seem illogical and groundless, when someone hands you the panacea for success? It certainly feels like an exaggeration of a wishful thinking. But know that success is a consequence, a result of high-level concentration, focus, dedication, and the ability to harness your inner- potentials.

Yuji Meditation will equip you to tap the inner powers that reside within you. It will help you in attaining a high level of concertation that fosters eustress (positive stress/energy) and will make you capable of managing stress and negative energy. It teaches you the art of balancing your positive and negative energies and capacitates you to channel your energy and focus towards your goal. By practicing the techniques of Yuji meditation, you will improve your concertation and visualization capacity, and gain clarity on your goals.
Benefits of Yuji Meditation.

  • Focused mind with a stronger attention span.
  • You will improve your focus, concentration, and stress management skills.
  • You will be able to direct your entire energy to the work at hand.
  • Reduce restlessness by transforming negative habits into positive energy and attaining inner peace.
  • Improve your retention power, memory, creativity, visualization skills, and spiritual power.
  • Last but definitely not least, Yuji Meditation truly brings out the happiness from and within you, letting your inner- self grow and bright up your life!
Delving deeper into the mechanism of stress and understanding it is the only way out. First and foremost, stress is the body’s reaction to any change with physical, mental and emotional response. There are two types of stress:
  • Distress (Negative stress)
  • Eustress (Positive or healthy stress)
Negative Stress (Distress): Distress is an internal disharmony caused due to numerous reasons. It has a considerable impact on reducing the quality of one’s life. The conditions ranging from common cold to cancer, all are results of this negative stress that one undergoes in one’s life.


Positive Stress (Eustress): Eustress is a state of physical and mental well-being in which the mind and the body work together in achieving their full potential. Healthy stress is associated with clear thinking, high physical performance, creativity and productivity.

Prevention is better than cure!

Al though there are numerous techniques and practices for curing back and neck pain, it is always better if one could nip it in the bud. Awareness of the correct postures while standing, sitting and lying down is the key to prevent back or neck pain. Besides maintaining a balanced diet, regular practice of yoga asana, micro exercises, deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation also help in preventing back pain and neck pain. With regular practice of Yoga, you will certainly be able to strengthen the body muscles and learn to manage stress effectively.