Yuji Concentration Program (Y.C.P) For Students

The difference between an ordinary person and a great person lies in the degree of concentration. – Swami Vivekananda
Love, Joy, and bliss are ingrained in children as their experiences are unsullied by social conditioning. They are curious and observant of their surroundings and get completely absorbed in their actions. Concentration and focus, that the adults are striving to achieve, are effortless, spontaneous, and inborn traits of children.

In Yoga, there are 4 dimensions to the human mind; Buddhi, Manas, Ahankara, and Chitta. Buddhi is the intellect- the logical dimension of thoughts based on the Chitta or memory. The sharpness of your intellect is discerned by the depth of your knowledge and how creatively you can devise solutions to life problems; this forms the basis of success in life.
Knowledge is the key to success and hence, the one with a sharp intellect will have a better and solid knowledge base and will be able to tackle the hurdles in life, creatively. An average person dissipates around 90 percent of his life energy in aimless thoughts and distractions. It is important to know that success, be it in your career, academics or any walk of life is a result of effortless concentration and focus; it is all about how you channelize your energy.

Fire up by your intelligence, you will undoubtedly have better solutions and answers in mind!

Yuji meditation is aimed at honing concentration and focus in students. The practice of Yuji meditation sharpens their intellect, boosts their confidence and self-esteem, and equips them for the future.

How does our Yuji Meditation workshop add value to your child?

  • Overcoming floating and distracting thoughts.
  • Reducing negative emotions and stress.
  • Enhancing imagination, creativity, active listening.
  • Building a confident personality strong willpower and awareness.
  • Achieving emotionally stability, clarity of thought, and attention span.
  • Improving the mental capacity to deal with negative circumstances.
Arise, Awake, and do not stop until the goal is reached. – Swami Vivekananda

Yuji meditation is a lifelong gift that you can present to your child!