Personalised Yoga Training

Vedic Yoga offers you the privilege to learn and practice yoga at the place of your convenience. Be it your home, office or gym, our training masters will pay you a visit and deliver sessions at the time of your choosing.

We deliver one- to – one session in which you can also involve your family and friends. In addition, we also have an expert crew of female trainers for Ladies only sessions. Our expert trainers will work along you, hand in hand, and develop a practice that fits your current health status and your convenience.

Why at home and office?

One to one yoga session will deliver quick progress at your learning as well as practice. The Yoga teachers can create personal rapport with the clients so as to bestow them a personalised training session that suits their physical condition.


Invite your teacher to the place of your choosing and experience the true power of yoga with your family members.

Time saving

You will never have to waste your valuable time by traveling to and from the Yoga center. Instead, you can productively invest time in your profession or business.

At office

Personalized yoga training is an effective solution, especially for busy executives, that can be practiced during the break hours. It helps you relax and revitalize your energy for the rest of the day.