Vedic Surya Namaskar (V.S.N)

Surya namaskar is an invaluable gem of the Great Indian heritage

Are you leading a life aligned with nature?

Harmony with nature is inevitable in attaining a healthier life and is very much wired into our physiology. Going against the rhythm of nature causes imbalances in our health as well as our well-being. Our forebearers and grandparents led a life that was in perfect harmony with nature and that answers why their quality of life was much better than ours. But, in today’s world, in our restless pursuit of happiness and comfort, we have disturbed our harmony with nature and have invited an unforeseen foe – lifestyle diseases. We have now become victims who suffocate under the stranglehold of conditions such as hypertension, depression, anxiety, diabetes, cancer, obesity and so on.

What is the solution to better the quality of our life?

Getting back to nature is the easiest way to bring back quality to our life and embrace physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We, at the Vedic Centre, aim to help you to connect with nature and lead a life in tune with nature through our Vedic Surya Namaskar.

Vedic Surya Namaskar Is A Well-designed Practice That Will Give You A Holistic Makeover.

Along with giving you great physical agility and fitness, VEDIC SURYA NAMASKAR also guides you through the principles of Panchamaya Kosha, and enriches your physical awareness. It enables you to unravel every single layer of your mind till you find the real self within you, like peeling off the layers of an onion.

The Workshop will be conducted under the direct supervision of Dr. Vincent Earth Kottayil, 24 years- experienced yoga master, He has written 7 books and 2 of them are Yoga SUrya Namaskar and Vedic Surya Namaskar – who made a breakthrough discovery in the relation between Vedic Surya Namaskar and the five koshas in the course of his Ph.D. Dr. Vincent has unearthed the importance of how the five levels of Surya namaskar helps in harmonizing the five koshas and bring physical, mental, and spiritual fitness in individuals.

The Vedic Surya Namaskar Programme includes sessions on:

  • The Panchamaya Kosha philosophy based on Taittriya Upanishad.
  • Five levels of Vedic Surya namaskar practices for gaining physical, mental, pranic, intellectual, and spiritual fitness.
The Vedic Surya Namaskar workshop could be your wake-up call from nature, a gentle reminder of what you can achieve and the heights you can reach.
Delving deeper into the mechanism of stress and understanding it is the only way out. First and foremost, stress is the body’s reaction to any change with physical, mental and emotional response. There are two types of stress:
  • Distress (Negative stress)
  • Eustress (Positive or healthy stress)
Negative Stress (Distress): Distress is an internal disharmony caused due to numerous reasons. It has a considerable impact on reducing the quality of one’s life. The conditions ranging from common cold to cancer, all are results of this negative stress that one undergoes in one’s life.


Positive Stress (Eustress): Eustress is a state of physical and mental well-being in which the mind and the body work together in achieving their full potential. Healthy stress is associated with clear thinking, high physical performance, creativity and productivity.

Prevention is better than cure!

Al though there are numerous techniques and practices for curing back and neck pain, it is always better if one could nip it in the bud. Awareness of the correct postures while standing, sitting and lying down is the key to prevent back or neck pain. Besides maintaining a balanced diet, regular practice of yoga asana, micro exercises, deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation also help in preventing back pain and neck pain. With regular practice of Yoga, you will certainly be able to strengthen the body muscles and learn to manage stress effectively.