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B. N. Y. S, M. Sc (Yoga)

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Dr. Nidhin Das

B. N. Y. S, M. Sc (Yoga)

Serving in Vedic yoga for the past 4 years

Dr. Nidhin was drawn towards a yogic way of living from his pre- teens, and ever since, he had set his heart on being a yoga teacher and a proponent of yoga. Perhaps, it could be his Sanchita karma that has influenced his present incarnation. His in- depth knowledge of traditional yogic system and practices remains true to the teachings of Patanjali and are unadulterated by the demands of the modern world.

Dr. Nidhin Das graduated from Dr. MGR Medical University in Chennai with a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (BNYS) where he grasped extensive knowledge in Naturopathy Medicine and Yoga Therapy. Progressively, he also completed M.Sc. in Yoga from Tamil Nadu Sports University and worked as a medical officer in MAGJ Institute for Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at Kochi, gaining a vast experience. He is currently working as a Medical Yoga expert at Vedic Yoga.

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