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D.Y.S & M.Sc. yoga

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Devanshee Solanki

D.Y.S & M.Sc. yoga

Serving in Vedic yoga for the past 5 years.

Born in a family of Yoga practitioners, Devanshee Solanki, has been a staunch learner of yoga since childhood. True credit goes to her grandfather, a revered Yogi and her mother, a professional yoga teacher. Devanshee dedicated herself to learning yoga and acupressure techniques after her graduation. She pursued her education in S. Vyasa yoga University as well as Shivanda, M.S university, Yoga Nike tan India, and also racked up a Masters in Yoga from Tamil Nadu Sports University. Devanshee is well experienced in weight loss yoga training and Meditation therapeutic yoga and has been serving in Vedic Yoga for the past 5 years.
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